Internet Hosting Services

Every Website must have a domain name, and that domain name must have a physical place somewhere on the internet. This place is the service that ‘hosts’ your website and makes it available throughout the world. Normally this service will also provide you with an email service that has the same domain name as your website.

Level of service and prices vary dramatically, and it will typically cost you up to £1,000 per year just to maintain a basic internet presence.

By comparison our cost is only £380 for your Domain Name, Hosting Service, 6 x 10Gb Email Accounts and a Security Certificate.

We believe that we offer the best value and most reliable hosting services available anywhere. We also provide monitoring, backup and technical support for all our customers.

If you’re starting up a new business, PLEASE CONTACT US before buying anything. Once you buy a cheap domain at the wrong place, it’s hard to move it somewhere else.

If you’re already running a business with a website, and you’re fed up paying too much, or not getting a good service. Contact Us.

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Hosting Service

For maximum benefit to your business, our prices will save you enough to get a really professional looking website and get some serious effort into getting your site up the Google rankings.

  • Domain Names £15.00
  • Hosting Service £180.00
  • Security Certificates £40.00
  • 10Gb Email Accounts (each) £24.00