Stooshie Internet Privacy & Data Protection Policy

This information is provided in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (2017) and is the basis of our Privacy and Data Protection Policy. The information provided below is in the format recommended by the UK Information Commissioners Office.

Who we are?

Our trading name is: Stooshie Internet

Our website address is:
Our physical trading address is: 45 Herbertshire Street, Denny, FK6 6HF, United Kingdom

What personal data do we collect and why do we collect it?

Comments on Blogs and Product Pages

We do not allow comments on our website, and there is no option to set up user accounts. This section is therefore not applicable.

Contact Forms

Any information that you provide about yourself on any of our website Contact Forms will not be stored on our website. This information is encrypted by the email services of both you (the sender) and us (the recipient). The only storage of this information is in our email service and a copy is sent to your email service.


Our website uses a number of ‘Cookies’ to provide a better experience for our website users. Cookies are small packets of data that our website stores on your computer, provided that you have set your web browser program to ‘accept cookies’. Cookies are used to enable your browser to load pages more quickly if you revisit our website.

Credit Card Information

This is not an eCommerce website and we do not take payments via this website. This section is therefore not applicable.

Embedded Content from Other Websites

Embedded content is where you are accessing another website via our website. The only embedded content on our website is the ‘Google Maps’ content that shows our physical location and provides directions for travelling to our physical address.


We use ‘Google Analytics’ to provide us with feedback about how well our site is working and the number of visitors and the searches that visitors are making. If you are logged into a Google Account, for example a Gmail Account, then Google will be tracking your internet usage, provided that you have given Google your consent to do so. If you are not logged into an email account such as Gmail or Yahoo or MSN, then you will not be tracked by them. However all of your internet usage is still recorded by your internet provider; BT, Virgin Media, PlusNet, TalkTalk, etc. Our website will not leave tracking cookies on your computer, we have no interest in knowing what other sites you visit.

Who do we share your data with?

The only data we retain is your name and email address that you provide if you complete our website ‘Contact Form’. We do not share your data with any third party.

How long do we retain your data?

If you are an individual and do not purchase any goods or services from us, then under GDPR requirements, we can only keep your data for a period of six months. If you are a business, then GDPR legislation does not apply and we may keep your data until you request that we delete it. If you purchase goods or services from us, then obviously, we must retain your data for as long as there is an ongoing business relationship. Six months after you have purchased goods or services from us you have the right to ‘be forgotten’ by requesting that we erase all data that we hold about you. However if you do so, it is important that you keep your own copies of purchases and receipts in order to return any faulty goods under warranty.

Where do we send your data?

Visitor comments and the content of contact forms are checked through an automated spam detection service via our website hosting and email service provider ( This service does not store any content.

Additional information

How we protect your data

Your data is protected by the security of the 128 bit encryption used in sending and receiving data to and from our website. The data stored is protected by 128 bit encryption as applied to our administrator’s usernames and password. Our site will always show the “https://“ address prefix and the small padlock icon to indicate that it is a secure website, with a current security certificate in place.

What data breach procedures we have in place

In the unlikely event that we suffer a data breach, we will immediately take steps to secure or move our site hosting, and inform all of the users affected. As required by law we will also inform the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office.

What third parties we receive data from

We DO NOT receive any personal or contact information from third parties that will be stored on, or used by our website.

What automated decision making and/or profiling we do with user data

We do not carry out any automated decision making or profiling on our customers or any other users of our website.

Industry regulatory disclosure requirements

We are not in an industry that requires us to make any regulatory disclosures.

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