Social Media Marketing

Obviously, we encourage our clients to invest in websites and SEO, but if your target market is the under 35’s, then they’re also likely to use FaceBook, Instagram or Youtube to search for information, products and services.

Social Media Marketing doesn’t mean that your website is redundant; that’s because once your audience find you on a social media platform, they will follow the link to your website. Although it seems a long road for a shortcut, that is basically how it works.

And, as young people grow older, (and older people take up social media), social media marketing will become ever more important: Not just a website add-on, but the primary path for attracting new customers.

Our Complete SMM Service

We provide a complete Social Media Marketing package that includes accounts and business pages with the six most important social media sites. We use advanced UGC Integration software (User Generated Content) to post simultaneously to all your social media accounts. And, over the years we’ve assembled many online helpers ready to be ‘friends’, and to ‘follow’, ‘like’ and ‘re-post’ your content to their friends. In a very short time your social media content will be driving traffic to your website.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Depending upon what your business is, it may be possible to advertise and sell directly via a social media outlet. This can work especially well for cosmetic products, home and garden goods and local tradespeople.

One of the drawbacks of social media marketing is that your pages will be interacting with real people requiring a human response. You may have your own staff who can attend to this for you, but if not, we can make it part of our service.

For a small additional fee we can set you up with advanced social media management software such as ‘Social Pilot‘ or ‘Buffer‘. These programs allow you to manage and automate your responses, distributing them across all your social media platforms simultaneously.


Just as with SEO, Social Media Marketing is not an exact science and it’s impossible to guarantee that spending an exact amount will increase your traffic by an exact degree.

Most of our small business customers pay between £30 to £120 per month, depending on how much your own staff can do for your campaign. The best way forward is to start at a lower level and monitor progress over a 3 or 6 month period.

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