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Getting a great website for your business couldn’t be easier. We use the WordPress platform to create websites for our customers. WordPress is the platform used to create 60% of all the 1.5 billion websites in the world. That means that there is no need to design a website from scratch because there are literally tens of thousands of ready made themes that you can choose from.

Once you have selected a theme, or template, we will organise the pages and structure, and then place your text, images and information into your website. And that’s it.

Please contact us via our Contact Form, or Telephone 01324 882887 or Email info@stooshie.co.uk

Your Business Website: The Process

  1. If you don’t already have one, think of a domain name. We can provide ‘hosting’ for your new website.
  2. Find a website where the styling and layout suits your business. Try to ignore the text content and images; remember that the text and images will be replaced by your own content.
  3. Choose a theme (or stencil) from one of our options: one that closely resembles the styling and layout of the website you selected.
  4. Work out the number of pages that you will need for basic structure: e.g. ‘Home Page’, ‘Our Services’, ‘About Us’, ‘Contact Us’, etc.
  5. Assemble your text content and appropriate images that show your processes, or previous jobs, projects, portfolio, etc. You may wish to include video clips …
  6. Hand it all over to us. We will position all your text and media for best effect.
  7. After your structure and pages layout is complete, we will add additional software that will help your site to be ranked by Google search engines, and link your website to any social media pages that you have: FaceBook, Instagram, etc.


Our basic price for providing a typical four page business website is only £400. We hope you agree that this represents excellent value for money.

However this price does assume that you can provide us with all your content in terms of written text, images and any video content.

If you require us to create your content based on an approximate brief that you can provide for us, then we will be pleased to give you a quotation that involves writing all your text content and assembling suitable images for you.

Choosing a Website Theme

We have full license to use any theme from the two best WordPress Theme Builders. Click the links below to view our options.

WP Ocean Themes

WP Jupiter X Themes

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